Dedicated to the care and management of fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic resistant depression.

Focused on a multidisciplinary, integrative approach to treatment. We create a personalized comprehensive treatment plan for each patient & maintain an ongoing relationship.

We provide advanced depression treatment with Neurostar® TMS Therapy. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy is one of the most technologically advanced depression treatments available. This non-invasive, outpatient therapy is FDA cleared and has helped thousands of depression patients who have not received adequate results from antidepressants.



Dr. Keays has published videos on a range of subjects, including Depression & Fibromyalgia and other current health topics.



They have the latest treatments.

The staff here are pretty good as far as trying to work you in and getting you the best treatment possible. They seem to really try to get different options to treat different conditions with all the latest tests to get the best possible options for treatment.

Zachary S.
Dr. Ashley Keay, to me, is a miracle.

I have had fibromyalgia for 30 years and have looked for someone like her for a very long time. She has helped me soooo much! She is kind, sweet, supportive, and a true professional. I can’t say enough good things about her! Her staff are also the same. I highly recommend her for anyone who is suffering with fibromyalgia

Rebecca M.

I started seeing Dr. Keys a little over a year ago. She and her team have been such an amazing group. They have literally saved my life.

After having multiple years of people telling me it’s all in my head, they listened and helped me deal with my depression, emotional needs, and all my aches and pains. They take everything I say seriously and approach everything in a multidisciplinary fashion.

I also do physical therapy here with Lucas. He has been a godsend as well. My TMS treatments literally changed my worldview. It was like a mask had been ripped off my eyes and I could see the world anew.
I think probably one of the best things that has come from this experience is that I am no longer on narcotics.

At Keays Medical Group you will get the best care delivered by a team that lives in your shoes and understands what you’re going through. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Asa, the cute therapy dog in training, is there with a sweet cuddle or two!

Dr Keays is the most kind and compassionate Doctor I’ve ever been to.

She listens, reflects and validates how your feeling and tells you how she’s going to treat and support you. She’s so knowledgeable she could confirm exactly how I was feeling before I even told her. She offers advance testing no other Doctors had offered before. I really appreciate her! Office staff are also very kind and personable.

Lisa S.

Keays Medical has changed my life for the better. I haven’t felt this good in my body and brain for decades. I didn’t even think that was possible for me.

I’ve never had a more passionate, caring medical team. Going above and beyond is in their DNA. Every single provider is top of their field in talent and knowledge. Every one of them is driven to solve the hard problems instead of just patching them. They use a combination of targeted medication, cutting edge treatments, and some truly next level physical therapy to foster WELLNESS, not just treat disease. And they do it all without forcing their patients to live an ascetic life. If you are living with fibromyalgia or treatment resistant anxiety or depression, call and make an appointment RIGHT NOW. You will not regret it.

Zoe, Your Content Goes Here
The experience was great.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Ashley Keays and her medical staff since 2016! I can’t believe how far I’ve come with their help! With the help of Dr. Keays and Dr. Mercedes Somiche, they got me on the right path with managing my fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain/fatigue and everything else.

Ashley S.

I have been seeing Dr. Keays since January 2021 after a long-overdue Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Admittedly, my first impression was that she came off as a bit “too nice” for me– I was certain I needed an aggressive approach to wellness and wasn’t entirely convinced that diet and counseling were the key to my ‘recovery’. Having now completed the program, and consistently seeing Dr. Keays and Lucas Briggs (Physical Therapy) for over a year, I can say that this office is beyond compassionate, caring, and is focused on the patient’s overall health and wellness. I feel very validated and supported when I am in their care; so much so, that my daughter is now also a patient here. The front desk works hard to accommodate our availability and streamline our visits. I am sleeping better than I have in decades. Lucas is a wealth of knowledge and makes you feel so comfortable. Dr. Keays has Fibro herself, and treats her patients like an extension of her family. I know I’ll never be cured, but it’s a huge relief having a clinic that believes you and wants to help you live your best life.

Jessica M., Your Content Goes Here
She is an excellent clinician and does amazing things with her patients in a caring, compassionate way.

As a physical therapist, I get a chance to work with a lot of Doctors in the area, but Dr. Keays stands out. She is an excellent clinician and does amazing things with her patients in a caring, compassionate way. She is very easy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with Fibromyalgia.

Lucas B.
The Doctors and the staff make you feel welcome.

You can tell everyone likes what they do and truly want to help you. They take the time to listen and explain everything in depth . My experience was so wonderful and I’m feeling so much better.

Melinda D.

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