At Keays Medical Group we focus on the whole patient. We teach our patients the importance of caring for themselves by putting themselves first. It is very important that you understand your treatment starts with a commitment from you.


For optimal results, you must be ready to dedicate yourself to your treatment. Your journey will begin with an 8-12 week rehabilitation program, consisting of weekly visits with your physician. The first two appointments will be scheduled for one hour, followed by a thirty-minute appointment once a week for the remainder of the program. Each patient is unique, so at the 8-12 week mark, you and the physician will create an individualized maintenance care plan just for you.

This program is is a commitment both personally and financially. The weekly office visits will require accommodations to your personal schedule. There are potential associated with treatment during your office visits that your health insurance may not cover, such as supplements, physical therapy and massage therapy. Because every insurance plan is different and we don’t want anyone surprised by unexpected costs, we ask you to be responsible for knowing what your insurance does and does not cover.